Clothes Made for Freshman

Kennedy Sefah, Print Staff

   On Feb. 15th, Ms. Stephanie Sivak , ELA, hosted a little get together in C206 with three girls to talk about designing Freshman shirts and making a ballot to choose a president for the club.

   “We would usually do club meetings with our freshman members to talk about upcoming events happening around the school so we can make enough money for the school to be updated a bit,” Brooke Kennedy (9) said.

   Students participate in events like these so they can help their schools or any other location make a good amount of money to help people who are in need of the things that they don’t have and to keep someone in good health from a condition.

   “I got inspired to join this club after hearing about it during a callout over the announcements and my older sister participating in one for the Juniors” Atira Anekwe (9).

   Students find inspiration from their older siblings to participate in a club or event that they went to when they were still attending school and learn more about the activities that are done in these places.

   “This is my second time being in this club since coming here last year and we’re still making plans for school fundraisers and Freshman activities,” Lia Pamedas (9) said.