Get Swooned!

Sami Conley, Print Staff

   The Lake Central Choir decided to spice up this Valentine’s day and start a new program called “Swoon Tunes”. This involves them going around to different classrooms the week of Valentine’s day singing Valentine’s DDay Grams to students. Students pay a dollar for each song and have to pick at least 5 songs to send to their partner or friend. This program was made to advertise and get more people to join the choir program and bring positivity to the students as they deal with second semester stress. 

   “My favorite classroom was Mr. Lee’s. We did a swoon tune for a student who had bought a few, so we really played it up and added his name to all the songs. It was super goofy and that made it fun.” Kasey Barron (10). 

   Leading up to the week of swoon tunes, the choir students spent their class periods learning all 30 of the songs that were available for purchase. Many students who were sufficient on guitar learned the chords during these rehearsals and others learned all of the harmonies to songs like “All of Me ” by John Legend and “Baby” by Justin Beiber . Students were given two weeks to learn and memorize all of the songs and put a lot of work into getting everything perfect for those who purchased. 

   As the choir went classroom to classroom they got to perform lots of swoon tunes. Some people bought all 30 songs while others decided to buy the same song over and over again. Swoontunes ended up selling out the day it was available for selling, because of this the choir added an extra day on which ended up selling out in almost three lunch periods. Overall Swoon Tunes was a hit and will be back for many more years to bring love around the school, and maybe even a little bit of embarrassment. 

   “My favorite part of making swoon tunes would be working with the entire group. I got to work with people who are in different choirs and it was an amazing and fun experience. Everyone in the room loved being there and genuinely got along with each other. It was a lovely experience that only lasted for a bit but it was a good one and I give it all to Mr. Jones for putting it all together.” Audrey Glasgow (11)