How do AI travel assistants show to be helpful?

Julio Herrera, Echo/Comet Photo Editor

  The world is constantly inventing new ideas and technology to spread out to the world. Many of these improvements are for traveling, such as the new AI/Chatbot traveling assistants. They have taken the place of travel agents to help travelers book flights, hire vehicles, and look for hotels in the area. Although these AI’s have been created with the highest technology to work up to today’s standards, some people do not trust to put all their information into them and rather have an in person relation. 

   Benefits of the technology of AI travel assistants according to,  are beneficial because of the use of facial recognition, pricing optimization, good data processing and analysis. Facial recognition is important for hotels to keep track of which of their guests are allowed into their rooms, and manage the security of their property. This is a safe option for hotels and airlines to make the process of scanning people to board the plane faster. The help of AI with price optimization can help determine the desires people want in their vacation, also to spend a certain amount of money, yet still have an enjoyable experience.

   As there are benefits to the improvement of AI, there are also negative uses of putting trust into this technology. The negative impacts comes from Bernard A few reasons for having an online assistant is the loss of jobs, cost of creating these AI’s, hacking or scams and loss of experience. Technology is improving in ways that take over the jobs of humans as they increase production and improvements to make it better.

   Many people have lost jobs from AI like automatic drivers, security and thus includes travel agents; the improvement of the use of the internet is helpful to us and yet dangerous. In case that the AI gets hacked, it could obtain your personal information and leak it out to people that can use it in bad ways. This would need a person to work and improve the protection in the coding to not let information break out. With a minimum of $20,000 to a maximum of $100,000; that is the expense of creating and completing an AI travel assistant. 

   This AI is helpful to many people to find out where they can find the best places and find out where to spend their money wisely. As there is still much improvement to this new technology, some people look to this as a good thing while others do not. For this reason, they would rather not put their trust into computer based making and stay with finding a travel agent is much less to pay for.