Mrs. Moreno Making A Difference

Della Steif, Print Team Leader

   This year the Lilly Endowment foundation launched the 36th round of the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program (TCFP), Mrs. Lisa Moreno, science, received this grant earlier this semester. This grant was created in 1987, each person who receives this grant is given a grant of up to $12,000 to fund meaningful activities. 

   “My grant proposal will allow me to travel to most of the Great Lakes and the state of Florida. I like the idea of seeing the different birds and wildlife that are native to the Great Lakes region.  I’m probably most excited to go to Lake Ontario because that is the only Great Lake I haven’t been to yet.  I’m also excited to go to Florida to photograph marine birds and invertebrates and animals that are not found here in the midwest.  I’m also going to see some of the geological history that is found throughout these areas as well,” Mrs. Moreno said. 

  This grant is meant to help teachers reignite their love for teaching according to the website. The thought is that teachers will take the things they learn on their journey and bring it back to the classroom.

 “The Endowment believes that through new experiences, exploration and reflection educators can generate renewed energy in their careers, innovative approaches to teaching and educational leadership, and thoughtful ways to encourage students’ creative thinking,” Lilly Endowment INC stated. 

   Along with bringing it back into the classroom, receiving the grant is a special moment for many teachers, seeing as anyone in a school system can receive this grant. According to their website, as long as they are a full time educator, this grant can be received by them. 

   “I was anticipating receiving the email to let me know if I received the grant.  When the email showed up in my inbox, I got a little nervous and told myself that if I didn’t receive the grant, that it was meant to be.  So when I opened it to see that I actually got it accepted, I started to cry.  I then reopened the email to make sure I read it correctly before I told anyone. I just feel very blessed to receive it,” Mrs. Moreno said.