New Sport New Game: Boys’ Volleyball

   The boys volleyball team finishes their tryouts a week before their first game. The scrimmage was at 9 a.m against Valparaiso, then later at 12 a.m against Portage. The team ended their games with two losses but some guys learned new things from the games. Since this is a new sport for high school boys athletes to play, some have high opinions for it.   

   “I believe it helps guys like me who enjoy playing volleyball. It is definitely a big opportunity that hasn’t been available before for students.As it is a new program, we help each other to get better and learn. I got interested in volleyball by playing in our school’s intramural league in my junior year with my friends, “ Erdembileg Amarsaikhan (12) said.

   The school’s intramural volleyball program helped athletes find an interest in volleyball like Amarsaikhan did. From these games, Amarsaikhan felt that many things are needed to learn in practice, such as “focus on learning the game and ball control.” The most important thing for him is that the team does not forget that it is about having fun too in games and practices.

   “I played a little volleyball before so I had some experience so I thought I’d give it a shot. One of the most important things I like about volleyball is getting good rallies and hits as a team and the guys in general. They are very fun to be around,” Dominic Rizzo (11) said.

   These experiences with volleyball before their team helps Amarsaikhan and Rizzo be accepted through the tryouts and join the school’s team. While the boys volleyball team starts to get into their season, Rizzo explains what their schedule looks like.

   “The games were at first a little nerve racking but as I started playing it was fun and intense. Practices are usually a series of drills all together and then we usually split into jv and varsity and scrimmage out. We also lift Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,” Rizzo said.