Steel Frame Will Rise Soon; Parking Spaces May Open


Photo submitted by: Mr. Paul Volk, Art.

Alyssa Retske and lakecentralnews

In the next few weeks, students should expect several new developments emerging from the construction site in the back of the building.

The corporation has obtained its permits from St. John and may now begin constructing the steel framing for the three-story academic wing. Students may notice an increase in traffic during school, as over 200 people will now be working on the project. Construction workers, supervisors, and safety inspectors will be on-site daily. Not only will workers be traveling to and from the construction site, but deliveries of steel will begin arriving as well.

As the band season comes to a close, the opportunity for more parking spaces emerges. However, the fate of these parking spaces depends on the simplicity of snow removal this winter. Removal may be more difficult due to the fencing placed in the parking lot for the duration of the construction. If these complications are worked out, students on the waiting list for parking may be granted those spaces. More information on parking will be available in the upcoming weeks.