All About the Color Run: Q&A with Student Council Sponsor Mrs. Lisa Groszek

Lauren LaBelle, Echo Editor-in-Chief

Q: Why have you decided to put on a Color Run? 

A: I decided to put on a Color Run for two reasons. First, running is a passion of mine and I believe we can all benefit from it. Second, I attended a Color Run here several years ago and it was a blast. I enjoyed the course, the bright colors, as well as the enthusiasm felt throughout the event. 


Q: What’s the main cause for it?

A: The main cause of this Color Run is to fundraise for the National Parks/Indiana Dunes. Since we’re holding the event on Earth Day, we wanted to make that more meaningful by donating to a cause having to do with nature and one that we all benefit from. 


Q: What does a Color Run entail?

A: A Color Run entails a 5K (3.1) mile course in which individuals will be stationed that will throw the chalk-like color at runners as they pass by creating a fun-filled and colorful T-shirt by the end of the race. There will also be a bouncy house and raffle post race. 


Q: Lake Central has done Color Runs before, why do you think they are so successful?

A: These are fun, low-pressure events where the more serious runners are welcome to bring their watches and time themselves, and the rest are getting out for a healthy, fun morning. Especially with the weather becoming nicer, the run is something to bring everyone outside and together to enjoy a morning of fitness. 

Q: What’s the importance of this specific fundraiser?

A: The importance of this particular fundraiser is that the Indiana Dunes holds wonderful conservation programs and has several opportunities to learn about the Great Outdoors. Our donation will help to fund these programs. Also, the general upkeep of the Dunes area will be impacted by our fundraising efforts. 

Q: When is the Color Run and how does one register?

A: The Color Run is on Saturday, April 22nd. Check-in opens at 8 a.m. and the race kicks off at 9 a.m.. Registration is found on the School Store in our Lake Central website. Additionally, there are flyers around the school with QR codes that will take you right to the registration link!