Fall Production of “Harvey Girls” is One to be Remembered By All


Caroline Janiga (11) and Alyssa Graziani (11) play two Harvey girls in the last showing of the fall show. The last performance of “Harvey Girls” was enjoyed by students, parents and faculty that went that evening.

Kristen Copple and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the final showing of “The Harvey Girls” executed its last performance on the Lake Central stage.

“The Harvey Girls” takes place in the old wild west. The play is set at the Harvey House, which is a restaurant full of Harvey girls working for head waitress Ms. Meacham.

Fall show director Mr. Ray Palasz, English, made a bet with the cast and crew that if 200 people were to come to the last showing, he would shave his head. Unfortunately, only 105 people came, but the students, parents and faculty that did show up greatly enjoyed the evening’s performance.

“I really liked it because it was short, upbeat, and had a lot of humor. It was much lighter than the rest of the fall shows,” Emma Rose (11) said.

Caroline Janiga (11) played Whistle, a Harvey girl, and showed great passion and enthusiasm about working with the production’s cast and crew.

“It was a great success. I had a wonderful time working with this cast. We were all so committed to this show, and we really made it our own. We were so close to begin with; working together only made us a stronger family,” Janiga said.