Mrs. Schmidt’s Pizzeria

Kai Blankenship and Melyna Carter

   Culinary and baking classes offer students an alternative learning experience. Rather than sitting at desks, the students complete their labs and assignments in the kitchen, sometimes cooking for judges.

   “It’s a really fun class and all the labs have been really great so far. They have all come out pretty good. I have no complaints about the class at all,” Jonathan Cook (11) said.

   Every year the Nutrition and Wellness class hosts a competition. In previous years it has been a Chili Cook Off, but this year students worked to make the best pizzas. The competition offers a change of pace not only for the students, but the staff that gets to judge as well.

   “My favorite thing is that the staff and administration gets to come in and really see what’s going on in the cooking labs. They get to see what we are doing within our department. I also love how proud my students are of their creations and the effort they put into it,” Mrs. Jennifer Schmidt, Family & Consumer Science, said.

   During the Pizza Bake Off, students made a variety of different kinds of pizza. The ones made during this third period class were a breakfast, buffalo chicken, supreme, double dough, s’mores and apple cinnamon dessert pizza. After deliberation, the judges chose the apple cinnamon pizza as the winner.

   “The apple pie pizza was my favorite. That was delicious. They had vanilla ice cream too. You can’t have apple pie without vanilla ice cream,” Mrs. Sue Schweitzer, Educational Technology Trainer and Pizza Bake Off Judge, said.