Spike-tacular Showdown

Alli Bonchik, Print Staff

   On Thurs. March 30, the boys volleyball team played a home game against Portage. In total the boys played five games, two for JV and three for Varsity. They won all five games that they played. 

   “Personally I don’t think I played very well but we won so that’s all that matters. I could’ve gotten more serves over the net during the games,” Dominic Halling (12) said. 

   Serving is a really important part of the game because it starts the volley. Serving is when one player stands with the ball behind the line and they hit the ball over the net into the opponent’s side. If the ball does not make it to the other side of the net, the opposite team will get a point. Another really important part of the game is setting the ball.

   “I love to work on setting, it is arguably the most important part of the game and running the offense gives me a sense of accomplishment,” Ahmad Hijaz (11) said.

   Hijaz is on the JV team for the boys volleyball team and he has played for 3 years. Volleyball has seemed in the past to be more of a girls sport according to some of the players so it was somewhat of a shocker that LC made a boys volleyball team this year.

   “I did not expect the school to include boys volleyball just because it is not really popular in Indiana. I really just expect to play club for 4 years of highschool. Club is faster paced than LC volleyball, but other than that it is very similar except in club we have more options and more plays,” Hunter Carroll (11) said. 

   Before the school created the boys volleyball team, playing club volleyball was an option for some students to be able to play the sport that they love even when it is not as readily available to them.