School Bands, Huge Family

Kennedy Sefah, Print Staff

   On April 15, there was an all school band event held in the school auditorium for all band members from numerous different high schools to showcase their performances with three judges scoring each band group.

   “This is a good opportunity for all bands from different schools along with ours to participate in this event and work together as a team,”  Mr. Elliot Smith, Band Director, said.

   Some school districts will make plans for a big event that all students from different schools can participate in while having a good time and having conversations with peers.

   “I used to remember participating in a school band during my teen years and I want to continue passing my school band experiences to future students for more generations to come,” Ms. Candace Boone, Assistant Band Director, said.

   Adults who have been through experiences like this as a teen have passed on these positive experiences with their children to be inspired by their success.

   “While I was enjoying the concert and listening to the wonderful music, I was also there to support the bands from other schools along with our school which inspired me to continue band class during high school and I still plan on going to band concerts in my adult years even if I have a career in the medical field as a nurse,” Catherine Daniels (10) said.