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Dancing Queen


   Taking place once again, Homecoming took place on Aug. 23, 2023. Held at the school in St. John, the dance was put together by the organization Dollars for Scholars run by Mrs. Ronna Reznik, Credit Recovery. About 1600 students were allowed to attend by purchasing tickets ahead of time, no outsiders were allowed. 

   “I enjoy planning the dance, it is a lot of work, but we have a great committee that has been together for a few years and everything runs very smoothly. I do hope to plan it again next year,” Mrs. Reznik said.

   Upon arrival, students were breathalyzed and searched by staff to make sure everyone would remain safe throughout the night. Some teachers and staff that assisted in supervising the dance were Mrs. Lisa Groszek, English, Mrs. Julie Shupryt, Science, Mrs. Collard, Media, Vice Principal Kari Reagan and Principal Erin Novak. Once students were checked for safety, there were multiple tables where they could say their name for proof of a ticket purchased and go into the dance.

   The dance consisted of multiple tables with food like cake pops, chicken tenders, pizza bosco sticks, and more. A bag system for students to have belongings safely put away was efficiently used. Instead of the main hall, this year the DJ and music took place in the fieldhouse. Upon entering, photo backgrounds were set up for students to take pictures freely. 

   “A lot of people were really afraid of the fieldhouse. Like it was hot and sweaty but I think it was more fun because you had more space compared to the main hall. I just think it was more enjoyable,” Mya Fowler (10) said.

  Halfway through the dance, students were told to pay attention to the stage where all those eligible for court were standing. Students crowded near in excitement to see who won, while the court was announced. With anticipation building, Mrs. Reznik announced the following winners: freshman Brody Ramirez and Emma Wilkins, sophomores Dylan Scanlon and Allison Huppenthal, and juniors Chase Kwiatkowski and Vanessa Wimberly.

   Finally, Mrs. Reznik and the DJ  announced that Dominic (12) and Mallory Hardesty (12) had won King and Queen of Homecoming. After receiving their crowns, they were congratulated and danced the night away.

   “It was a surprise to get in court initially, but when I won I was really really surprised. I was with three other girls who were very nice, very sweet. I love them so much. The fact I got picked made me very excited especially since it’s my senior year so I get to remember such a great moment. Overall, it was such a great experience. I’m going to remember that moment forever. It’s my favorite dance,” Hardesty said.

   Dancing on the dance floor, students were allowed to request music from the dj and dance to familiar music. All night long, students danced with friends and significant others. The crowd made circles around people dancing and made multiple mosh pits. 

   “The food was good. The mosh pits I like. The music was good, they could have played better music,” said Abby Willis (11).

   As the night winded down, students slowly started leaving going to restaurants for reservations or from being tired out early. As students left, the memories were made.

   “[I most enjoyed] probably just dressing up, making sure I’m ready and fit for the attire,” said Nikola Nonkovic (10).

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