Cheering Toward Perfection


Paige Lockhart(11) stretches along with her teammates as three varsity cheerleaders lead.

Kelsey Wilkerson and lakecentralnews

On Nov. 13, JV cheerleading practiced in the upper gym. Three varsity girls lead stretching as everyone joined. After stretching for about 20 minutes, the girls stood up and began to go over cheers for the upcoming basketball season. They then began stunting and ran through their competition routine as Assistant Coach John Powers gave any suggestions or comments.

“It’s stressful when girls don’t listen, and its frustrates me if they don’t cooperate, but I have to stay calm,” JV captain Paige Lockhart (11) said

At state, the team placed third in the JV division.

“My goal as a cheerleader is to not have deductions in routines and place as well as we can,” Lockhart said.

They practice two or three times a week and have games about twice a week.

“My favorite part about practice is stunting,” Kristina Skvarek (9) said.

The girls are required to learn specific cheers for basketball and football.

“Some of the cheers are easier than others, but all of the girls catch on pretty quickly,” Lockhart said.

Football recently ended, and now they must cheer at basketball games.

“I like cheering for basketball more, because it’s not as cold, and it’s quicker” Skvarek said.

The girls will have their next competition on Dec. 8 in Illinois.