Students Become the Teachers


Rory Gard (11) and Michael Siedentopf (11) give their World War I presentation to their 3rd hour U.S. History class. The class has been researching and putting together a booklet and presentation focused on a specific element of World War I since the end of October.

Jamie Clark and lakecentralnews

Since the end of October, Mrs. Claire Kuhlenschmidt’s U.S. History students have been educating themselves on one aspect of World War I in preparation for a presentation in front of the class.

“I have been doing the World War I booklet for five years now. This is the first time that all of the U.S. History students are required to do the project,” Mrs. Kuhlenschmidt said.

The students chose one subject to research and put together a booklet and presentation focused on their chosen subject.

“I had to type three pages of information on trench warfare, fill three more pages with photographs and put it all together into a nifty book that was easy to read and present it to the class,” Amber Plonka (11) said.

Although the students are not yet World War I experts, they have come a lot closer through their own research and the presentations of their peers.

“I knew a lot already, but I did delve deeper into the subject and learn a bit more,” Plonka said.

Although school projects are not always popular among students, this project was a success.

“[I enjoyed it] as much as you can really enjoy a project for school, especially because the topic wasn’t boring,” Plonka said.

The project had positive effects both in the material learned and the grades received.

“Overall the students do an excellent job with the project. The majority of students received A’s,” Kuhlenschmidt said.