Starting the Season With an Easy Win

Kelly Paulson and lakecentralnews

On Tuesday, Nov. 20 the JV and varsity girls swimming and diving team faced Portage at the first meet of the season with a sweeping win of 148-35.

“I feel like I did well, because I was really focused,” Nina Spata (10) said.

The divers are expected to execute their dives in complete silence with all eyes on them, which only adds to the pressure to perform something with little to no flaws.

“I think the new freshman are great swimmers and we are a solid team,” Kaitlyn Krachenfels (10) said about condition of the varsity girls’ swim team. The win was to be expected in advance, and the scores proved that the prediction was no lie.

“Last year I was just an alternate,” Krachenfels said. Her high hopes for state this year and for future seasons is her motivation as a varsity athlete.

JV/Varsity Boys and Girls will compete again on Saturday, Dec. 8 at Penn High School.