Student Athletes and Coaches Recognized for Achievements Throughout Seasons


Mr. Jeff Rhody, Science, introduces Mr. Rudy Skorupa, Science, in front of a gym full of student athletes and their families. Mr. Skorupa decided to retire after 39 years of coaching and teaching.

Annie Riddering and lakecentralnews

With a single clap after every student athlete’s name, the fall sports teams were recognized for their achievements on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

“I couldn’t tell you why we started [the single clap two years ago], but we kept doing it. One of our [former] teammates Alex Thompson (‘12) kept yelling at us to stop. Then the whole gym started doing it, so we just kept doing it,” Andrew Lane (11) said.

Mr. Tony Bartolomeo, Athletic Director, introduced each head coach. The coaches then acknowledged their teams for their grades and achievements throughout the season. However, Mr. Rudy Skorupa, Science, got a special introduction from Mr. Jeff Rhody, Science.

“You could tell how [Coach Skorupa] made an impact on everyone by the way the crowd treated it,” Alexandra Widowfield (11) said.

While in the gym, students were recognized for the achievements in the classroom as well as on the field. Each student who maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the season each stood as their names were announced.

“When they announced [the 4.0 GPA students], it went really long. I guess thats a good thing though, because it means we’re good at sports and smart at the same time,” Gelen Robinson (11) said.

Once the coaches were done recognizing the accomplishments throughout the season, the teams dispersed into separate rooms to talk about their teams on more of an individual level.