Girls Diving Sweeps the Board; Boys Take Second and Third


Alexander Morgan (9) dives into the pool at the meet against LaPorte on Dec. 11. Morgan got 3rd in the standings.

Hannah Sonner and Hannah Sonner

Girls and boys diving nearly swept the board on the Tuesday, Dec. 11 meet at home.

“Mentally, I took it dive by dive and cleared my mind. I focused on what I needed to fix,” Ryan Bertossi (10) said.

Bertossi ended up taking second in the meet while another diver, Alexander Morgan (9), took third.

“I did a new dive, so I really had to concentrate on that,” Abigail Prince (11) said.

The girls diving team swept the awards board. Prince came in first, Hannah Leyba (9) in second and Kristen Copple (11) in third.

“I feel that I could have done a lot better because I messed up on two of my dives,” said Prince.

Leyba looks toward improvement for dives in the future.

“I mentally prepared myself by focusing on what I had to do. I worked on the corrections my coach gave me and went over my dives in head,” Leyba said.

The next boys diving meet will be Dec. 13 at home at 5:30.