Swimming Sophomores


Gavin Basile (10) aggressively completes a lap doing the butterfly stroke. Basile joked about competing in his pink goggles.

Alayna Wallace and Alayna Wallace

Connor Homans (10), a swimmer, and Ryan Bertossi (10), a diver, are both in the same sport but have a completely different techniques and skills that make them much different from each other.

“I really love that diving’s different every day. It’s not like the same thing like swimming laps every day, so it’s constantly a challenge,” Bertossi said.

Unlike swimming, diving is based on your delivery and skill level of each dive. Bertossi tells on what it means to receive a “good” score when diving, and his best this season has been an 8.

“Your bad dives are your 2’s and 3’s. Your mediocre dives are between 4’s, 5’s, and maybe 6. Your good dives are your 7’s and 8’s. And perfect dives are 10’s but you never see those. And you never see a 9 unless it’s the State Champion,” Bertossi said.

Homans has also set high expectations for himself.

“My best time is 57 in the 100 back. 57.8 seconds was my exact time,” Homans said.

Homans keeps his eye on the prize during each race.

“I just push myself as hard as I can basically, and exceed my limits,” Homans said.

To exceed his limits, Bertossi has one key diving technique for this season.

“The best diving technique is not diving scared. You have to be confident,” Bertossi said.

The swim team came away with their victory against Highland on Dec. 13.