Principal Meets With Faculty, Students, Parents


Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

A handful of students, parents and staff, the Principal’s Advisory Team, met Thursday, Jan. 10 to continue their series of monthly meetings in the library to discuss the issues concerning the school.

“My intent is to provide a form of conversation and communication between the high school administration and the high school stakeholders, such as students, teachers and parents,” Mr. Robin Tobias, principal, said.

At this meeting, Tobias talked over the matters of the matrix schedule, school safety and construction. After the discussion of topics, the members were able to give their inputs. The advisory team meets for Tobias to hear the parents’, teachers’ and students’ opinions.

“I get the feeling of worth from the meetings. I feel like I’m worth something in the school and community. It’s nice to be a representative for the student body,” Sean Meyer (9) said.

Tobias plans out these meetings so that the school and community can receive a positive impact and help the greater good.

“[My goal is] that there is a greater awareness of what is happening at the high school. Hopefully, by the end of the year, more students and parents will be interested and involved because they are getting more information about what is happening,” Tobias said.