Training Towards the Trophy


The Junior Varsity Centralettes plié during a warm up exercise at the beginning of ballet class. The Centralettes are required to take a 90 minute ballet class every week.

Jillian Wilschke and Jillian Wilschke

Every Tuesday at M2 Dance Center, the Centralettes put on pink tights, leotards and ballet shoes to train in the style of dance called ballet.

“Ballet is the most important genre of dance. It gives you the basics for dance and helps you with your strength, balance and technique,” Michelle Gentz (11) said, who has been on the varsity Centralettes dance team since her freshman year.

For the past seven years, the Centralettes have had a mandatory team ballet class to help form a better foundation for jazz and hip hop; the two styles of dance the girls compete in.

“Having ballet every week is beneficial for the Centralettes, because it helps us get better technique and keeps us on the right track for improvement,” Gentz said.

Each of the 43 Centralettes is required to attend one of the three 90-minute classes that take place every Tuesday. Two optional half-hour classes in the style of ballet called pointe are offered for members to attend as well.

“Ballet is important for every dancer to master in order to develop their technique,” Kristina Dombovic (12), captain of the varsity team, said.

Training in the art of ballet has benefited the Centralettes and will hopefully lead them to their 19th consecutive state title and fourth consecutive national title.