Centralettes Compete in Kahler Dance Invitational

Jessica McCullough and lakecentralnews

On Jan. 26, the Centralettes competed at the annual Kahler Dance Invitational. Both the JV and varsity teams placed first in all of their dances, competing in both jazz and hip-hop numbers.

“Before we compete we usually get around in a circle before we go on stage and we say how much we love each other and we will motivate each other,” Michaela Vuckovic (10) said.

The JV Centralettes have four more competitions left in the season. The team has a of state champions and wants to keep their title.

“It’s so much pressure because we’re State Champs and we have to keep our title,” Vuckovic said.

The teams practice every day after school and their hard work has paid off. JV has placed first in every competition this season.

For the past couple years, Formal and the Kahler Invitational have been on the same day. The girls going to Formal typically leave right after they dance to go and get ready.

“It was the most stressful thing, ever. I didn’t get a break until I got home from formal,” Sara Lisac (10) said.