Centralettes Practice for Perfection


Pumped and outgoing, JV Centralettes perform their dance during halftime of the varsity boys basketball game. The girl developed a theme off a mix of hustling music.

Jessica Enriquez and lakecentralnews

On Feb. 1, the JV and varsity Centralettes performed their dance routine during halftime at the varsity boys basketball game.

Throughout the year, the girls never have a break. There is always a non-stop hectic schedule within their week: practice every day at the M2 Dance Center, ballet every Tuesday, game performances every Friday, and competitions every Saturday.

“We have to balance it with school and practice, and most of all we have to sacrifice not hanging out with our friends because dance consumes so much of our time,” Marisa Mendoza (10) said.

Since the Centralettes have been competing, they have faced few defeats.

“It gets hard to get homework done because you have to practice every single day after school and have a competition every weekend. In the end, my favorite part of dancing is that you become really close with your teammates, they begin to be some of your bestest friends,” Amanda Roberts (10) said.

The girls are constantly bombarded with new challenges in both competition and in practice. There are times where they have had two competitions in one day and even a competition on the day of Winter Formal, but the dedication keeps the team going, which has enabled them to hold their title of State Champions for 19 years. .

”I feel like Centralettes is worth all of the hard work that we put in every day, when we all step out on the floor as a team to compete and then hear our parents chanting ‘We are LC’ and see all of our fans has to be one of the greatest feelings ever,” Mendoza said.