Devotion Towards Perfection


Dayana Yos (12) guides Bayless Neth through the sheet music. Yos has performed in four musicals throughout her high school career.

Anna Oppermann and lakecentralnews

As this year’s spring musical approaches, the cast and crew are thoroughly preparing to ensure that their production of Once on This Island is as well put-together as they are anticipating.

“We’re working on trying to make sure that all of the songs are done, and some of the dances are coming along really well,” Student Director Jillian Ryan (12) said.

The cast rehearses every Tuesday and Wednesday for four hours, as well as sacrificing five hours of their Saturdays to repeatedly perfect the details.

“Practices have been really fun; the whole cast is like hanging out with the family every day. Even though they’re really long, it’s something to look forward to,” Dayana Yos (12) said.

The lengthy rehearsals seem to be paying off; however, the thought of opening night on March 1 looms over the actors.

“Even though we still have a lot to do, it’s starting to mesh together. Everything’s finally starting to fit,” Caroline Janiga (11) said.