Boys Swimming and Diving Prepares for Sectionals


Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

The boys swimming and diving team start sectionals next week, on Thursday. The boys have been practicing, but only after school and not in the morning anymore.

“Training is fun right now. They’re keeping us well rested for sectionals so we don’t get too tired,” Connor Homans(10) said.

With the long practice hours, there also come some time sacrifices, such as time to do homework, hangout with friends, and catch up on sleep.

“I have honors classes so my work loads are already a lot higher, then practice doesn’t end until 4:30 p.m. so I don’t get home until 5. Then I have to eat and shower, and by then it’s 6:30. Then I have to get up at 4 a.m. for morning practice, so I have an hour and a half window to do my homework and other things,” Ryan Bertossi, dive, (10) said.

The girls swim team also competed at sectionals and several of them moved on to state. The boys sectionals start Valentines Day, Thurs. Feb 14.