Points Away from Perfection


The JV Centralettes stretch in the hallways of Homestead High School before their jazz performance. The Homestead Dance Invitational was a very successful competition for both varsity and JV.

Jillian Wilschke and Jillian Wilschke

The varsity and JV Centralettes took home four first places at the Homestead Dance Invitational in Fort Wayne on Saturday , Feb. 9.

“[The competition] could not have gone any better. I was very happy with the performances of both teams,” said Lauren Skertich (12), captain of the varsity team.

The JV team received a score of 81 points in the hip-hop category and 83 points in the jazz category, and the varsity team scored 89 points in the hip-hop category and came 2.1 points away from a perfect score in jazz by receiving a score of 97.9 in the jazz category.

“My proudest moment was definitely when we found out we got a 97.9 in jazz because it’s the highest score we’ve gotten all year and it showed that all our hard work is paying off,” Genevieve Blessing (11) said.

The Centralettes will be competing on familiar grounds next weekend at the Lake Central Dance Invitational which will take place on Feb. 16 at LC.

“We definitely set the standard for the rest of the season in jazz. Our goal is to keep improving in both categories and get even higher scores so we can have a big point spread against other teams in each category,” Skertich said.