Jazz Ensembles Join for Valentine’s Concert

Jill Degroot and lakecentralnews

On Thurs. Feb. 7, Jazz Ensembles I and II performed at the Valentine’s Jazz Concert in the Auditorium.

Jazz II started the concert and played a variety of jazz including swing and Latin-style pieces.

“Jazz II played strong, but it always could be better,” Benjamin Cash (10) said.

The Valentine’s Jazz Concert is one of the few band performances during the year that only feature the two jazz ensembles.

“I thought the concert was a blast,” Mr. Chris Harmon, Fine Arts, said.

Jazz I ended the concert with a Latin piece that featured two band alumni.

“It was really fun and exciting. Both bands had a great overall performance, and I had a great time both on the stage and in the audience,” Leslie Lopez (9) said.

Both ensembles will perform again on April 11 for the annual Spring band concert.