Cheerleading Preps for the Final Countdown

Jeannine Toth and Jeannine Toth

With competition season closing, the cheerleading squad held a practice with both JV and Varsity on Thursday, Feb. 7, to review routines for one of their final competitions.

“We were preparing for a competition that will set us up for Nationals, ” Jeremy Goodale (9) said.

During the practice, the cheerleaders practiced stunts, or the tosses and lifts done with a flyer.

“If you hit your stunts, you’re going to get more points. The more difficult your stunts are, the more points you get,” Kennedy Moore (9) said.

The cheerleading team has placed high in all of their competitions this year. Once the competing season ends, the team will continue practicing and performing at basketball games.

“What we do at games is cheer for the team, support the school. At competition, it’s more intense,” Goodale said.

With four seniors graduating at the end of this year, many JV cheerleaders are fighting for a spot on Varsity.

“I think people want to be on Varsity because it’s something to look forward to,” Moore said.

With their final competition before Nationals on Feb. 24, the team is preparing for another success.

“The best thing about cheerleading is competing. The thrill of showing people what you’ve got is the best,” Goodale said.