Desire to Raise the Bar on Beam


Kristen Copple and lakecentralnews

On Feb. 12, girls gymnastics traveled to Lowell High School and took on the Red Devils. The girls did really well until their fourth and most anticipated event: beam.

Though the team executed a praiseworthy performance overall, there were some regrets on beam.

“I feel like I could have done a lot better [on beam]; I just feel like I rushed,” Andi Wartman (10) said.

After a gymnast falls off the beam in the middle of competing, it is often difficult to get back in the right mindset and confidence to finish the routine.

“[When you fall off beam] it’s really hard to recover because most of the skills you fall off on are ones you think you can stick. It messes up your whole routine but you just have to let it pass you and you should be fine,” Wartman said.

Despite the few misses on beam, the team’s coaches felt their performance that night was satisfactory and helped set them up for the future.

“We had a really awesome meet today; we were cookin’ along, but on beam we lost our focus. We were done before the meet was over. Sometimes when you’re excited and you’re doing really well, you forget to finish. We lost our focus a little bit, but it was a good rehearsal for us. We had a really strong meet; I thought today was a really good look for us,” Coach Bryon Yancey said.