Drainage Construction Begins


Construction workers talk briefly while working on the beginning stages of creating a drainage basin. The area will eventually become a field that can be used by the community.

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

As construction continues, a new project has begun near the football and soccer field, a drainage area is being created.

“Right now, we are installing drainage tile and water holding bases that will connect to the drainage of our soccer and football fields,” Mr. Robin Tobias, principal, said.

Once this is finished, the area will become a grassy field approximately the size of a standard football or soccer field. It will be used by PE classes, extracurricular clubs and community groups. This area will soak up water to prevent the surrounding fields from becoming over saturated and swampy.

“In about a year, we may have grass growing and access to that field, but reconstruction of our football, track stadium and our welcoming office will depend on when we can demolish this north side of the building and we can start rebuilding our entrance,” Mr. Tobias said.

The school is approximately 4 to 4 and a half years away from being finished.

“Eventually the football field is going to turn north and south. The area where Mr. Clark and Mr. Szalonek’s room is will probably be the new entrance to the football field,” Tobias said. “Where our current swimming pool is and our current athletic office will eventually be about the 30-yard line of the football field. Along with redoing our track and football field and modifications to the baseball field, we will have better restroom and concession areas.”