Advanced Drama Girls “Steel” the Show


Tabitha Prowse (10), Sarah Colby (10), Lauren Bourget (11), Brianna Mamelson (11) and Lauren Mirkov (11) act out their scene. “Steel Magnolias” was one out of three shows put on by the Advanced Drama classes.

Heather Stedt and lakecentralnews

On Thursday, Jan. 31, Advanced Drama students performed their recently-assigned play “Steel Magnolias” in the auditorium. The play was student-directed, so the performers had to prepare for it by themselves.

“Without [an adult] director, it was really hard to get everything ready for the show, and the lines were so hard to memorize. I finished memorizing them the day before,” Lauren Bourget (11) said.

The plot takes place in a beauty shop during the ‘80s. The opening act is of a group of cosmetologists preparing Shelby, a young diabetic woman played by Brianna Mamelson (11), for her upcoming wedding.

“She’s really strong-willed and determined. She’s diabetic so she’s really gone through a lot, but she doesn’t let it stop her. She finds out she can’t have children because it can be potentially fatal. She ends up getting pregnant and [at the end] she died; her kidneys failed on her,” Mamelson said.

Unlike many other plays, “Steel Magnolias” is not a musical, making the lines a bit different from previous sets.

“I usually do musicals, so there were no songs. And usually the plays are happy,” Bourget (11) said.