The Ringing of the Bells

Brittany Rabatine and lakecentralnews

Finishing three of their four concerts as of Wednesday Feb. 20, there is only one chance left to catch the Bell Choirs play.

“We have a concert in the fall, one in December, this one and one in spring,” Emily Baginski (10) said.

With only an hour and a half of practice from each class, the Bell Choirs are able play and master intricate pieces of music to create something beautiful.

“The Bell Choirs are the most dedicated out of all the choirs because they have to be. If one of them gets sick, there isn’t anyone to replace them. It would be like trying to play a piano and taking out some of the keys,” Ms. Sandra Hobbs, music, said.

Just like on a piano, if one key isn’t tuned and hits the wrong note, it can throw off the entire piece.

“I’ve been in about 25 concerts total. I felt nervous my first concert and I still feel nervous every concert,” Baginski said.

Playing bells sticks with someone, becoming a part of who they are.

“I’ve played since my freshman year. I want to do bells through high school and if my college offers it, I’d want to play it there, too,” Delia Mapes (11) said.

The next chance to see them perform is Tuesday, March 20. Tickets will go on sale March 1 for $5.