Warped Tour: A Plethora of Music

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

Screaming fans, long bathroom lines and overpriced food was the normal concert atmosphere. Vans’ Warped Tour hosted their annually anticipated summer concert at Tinley Park with popular bands performing such as A Day to Remember, The Ready Set and Asking Alexandria. With so many famous bands attending, the Warped Tour experience was bound to be amazing.
When asked about the Warped Tour, first timer Jennifer Mishevich (11) said, “[Warped Tour] was crazy. It was so painful and insane that we didn’t have the energy to continue standing for the other concerts. People were literally so close together that you couldn’t move.”
The Warped Tour is designed to have several different bands playing simultneousy with people having the choice of which band they will see and when.. The only problem was deciding among which bands to watch.
“The most anticipated bands seemed to be The Ready Set, A Day to Remember, Simple Plan, Devil Wears Prada and The Wonder Years,” Jessica Mikolajczak (11) said.
Not all bands listed on the Warped Tour website performed at the Tinley Park location- only certain bands were selected to perform at the amphitheater.
“I think All Time Low should have been there and 3OH!3 should have came to perform also,” Mishevich said.
The summer heat did not affect the overall experience of this year’s Warped Tour.
“I had an amazing experience at Warped because I got to hear a lot of different bands that I never new existed before. There is nothing about Warped that I would want to change really, except maybe the weather,” Mikolajczak said.
The Warped Tour traveled around the United States performing altogether 44 shows.  With the tour just ending on August 14, the expectations for Warped Tour 2012 are higher than ever.