Centralettes Host 20th Annual LCDI


The varsity Centralettes perform their hip-hop routine at the 20th Annual Lake Central Dance Invitational. Every year, teams from schools around the state come to Lake Central for this competition.

Jenn Mohamed and lakecentralnews

On Saturday Feb. 16, the Centralettes hosted the 20th Annual Lake Central Dance Invitational.

Every year, dance teams from around the state come to the LCDI to compete. The Centralettes do not actually compete since they are the hosts, but they do perform at the invitational.

“There’s a bunch of different teams that come to compete. It’s nice to see all of the other teams bonding. LC has a really good bond with Crown Point this year,” Marisa Mendoza (10) said.

This year, they also held a turn-a-thon after all of the teams performed; the turn-a-thon is a contest to see how many turns the dancers can do and continues until there’s one person left turning. This contest was started last year to raise money for breast cancer.

“We do a turn-a-thon for Kristen and Kelly, choreographers at M2 Dance Studio, since they were diagnosed with breast cancer, and we raise money for them. Basically, there are a lot of girls of all ages, and there’s a prize for the winner,” Danielle Soucie (11) said.

The LCDI also meant Senior Night for the Centralettes. This year, they said goodbye to six of their dancers.

“[Senior Night] was sad. I was crying. I spent so much time over the last four years with this team and I’m going to miss dancing with [them]. I’m going to have nothing to do and get fat because I have nothing to do,” Shannon Putnam (12) said.