Track Starts Preparing


Kyle Crawford (12) practices the high jump. After he lands his team mates clap and compliments him.

Kelsey Wilkerson and lakecentralnews

Everyday after school the boys track team comes together to practice for their upcoming season. They begin with simple stretches then get into groups according to their specific event.

“The high jumpers graduated at a lot of the other schools so I think we have a better chance during meets, but having no track is going to affect us,” Jeremy Prisby said.

“I hope to jump 6 feet and as a team I hope we win conference and go far in postseason because it is Skorupa’s last year,” Prisby(12) said.

The boys team head coach, Rudy Skorupa, has been coaching boys track for 40 years and 2013 will be his final year.

“I have known Skorupa for the past two years and he has impacted my life greatly, he has showed me that if I believe in myself more I can do whatever I can imagine,” Kelly Kline (12) said.

Like many people on the team, Kline has many goals he would like to achieve.

“I definitely want to make it to State, I also want to break my 800 record of 2:05 and get a 2:00 this year,” Kline said.

Prisby feels like track is a great way to meet new people and push your limits.

“It is an ultimate competition against yourself,” Prisby said.

Their first indoor meet will be held at Lake Central against Munster on March 7 at 5 p.m.