Indians Score Victory Against Munster


Quinton Oster (11) prepares to face off with a Munster opponent. Oster was the first to score a goal for Lake Central.

Sydney Thompson and lakecentralnews

Energy was through the roof Saturday at Midwest Training and Ice Center. It was no ordinary game for the hockey team, it was the Roper Cup Championship against Munster.

As fans began to arrive, conflicts were already occurring in the stands. Munster parents started reprimanding Lake Central students for wanting to sit in their normal fan area.

“We were all walking towards where we usually stand, and one of the Munster parents came down and told us to move down because they reserved that spot for Munster fans. We were all confused because that’s where we usually go, and you can’t really reserve seats in a public place”, Julia Gotch (11) said.

These conflicts had no effect on the teams though, both ready to battle for the cup. Three periods later, and Lake Central took the victory 5-2. Goals were made by Quinton Oster (11), Anthony Zuccolo (12), Daniel Starcevich (12), and Alex Davis (12).

“All the hard work payed off, all the sacrifices we made, all of the time we spent working hard in practice was for something great and it’s a night we will never forget,” Lawrence Pezzuto (11) said.