Girls golf places 5th at Aberdeen Classic

Meg Falat and lakecentralnews

Within the first week of their season, the girls’ golf team had four tournaments. Battling the blistering heat at 110 degrees, the team managed to place fifth at the Aberdeen Classic on Tuesday, August 2.
“It was really hot. Honestly we thought we all were going to die, but somehow we made it [because] we had a lot of water with us,” Victoria Balicki (12) said.
As if that was not enough, on Thursday, August 4, the girls had an early morning wake up at 3:30 a.m. for the McCutcheon Invite.
“It was terrible. I just wanted to stay in bed longer, but I think everyone pulled it out. We all slept on the way there and on the way home,” Jamie Hintz (11) said.
The girls’ scores have been improving with each coming tournament, knocking off a total of 30 strokes since their first one.
“We’re doing a lot better. We’re practicing more. Our shots are way better than last year,” Balicki said.
With three returning varsity players, the girls’ golf team have high expectations for their season.
“I plan on shooting in the 80s and going to regionals,” Kylie Shoemake (9) said. “It’s an honor to be on varsity. It’s really cool. I love the girls. They’re so nice,” Shoemake said.
Whether it is watching a Munster girl fall off the golf cart and scraping her knees to Kiana Jongsma (10) eating six hotdogs at Palmira, the girls know how to keep each other laughing.
“[Kiana] was going to go back for more hot dogs, but we told her not to because that was probably the grossest thing ever,” Shoemake said.
“My mom kept yelling at me because she thought that I would eat them all before anyone else would get them,” Jongsma said.