LC Falls to Munster During Sectional Championship

On Saturday, March 2, the Indians took on the Mustangs at West Side High School.

Starting off the game, the tipoff went to Munster, and they may have gotten that, but LC wasn’t letting them get far when Michael Miklusak (12) scored a 3-pointer.

Going back and forth the whole game, Munster had the lead with a score of 22-21 going into halftime.

With pressure building, LC took the lead 29-25, putting them up by 3 with two minutes left on the clock.

When the buzzer sounded, the score came out to 35-35, putting the game into overtime.

Tyler Wideman got the tipoff, starting the fifth quarter off right.

Timeouts were called throughout the game as the tension built up. The score went to 42-41 with less than 30 seconds remaining.

Munster scored one last basket, ending the game 43- 41.

“The game came down to the last minute. We battled and played our hardest through all 36 minutes. We just have to take this loss and motivate us to become better and more experienced for next year,” Matthew Meneghetti (11) said.