Practice Makes a Perfect Performance


Sarah Ashcraft (12) and Zachary Buntin (11) choreograph a dance for the Treblaires and Counterpoints for their medley. The Counterpoints and Treblaires were preparing for their performance at the Academic Letterwinners Banquet on April 11.

Marlo Owczarzak and lakecentralnews

In the auditorium on March 11, the Treblaires and Counterpoints got together to practice for their upcoming performances.

“It took [Zachary Buntin and I] three hours to choreograph, and we’re not even done with it. We worked on the dance on our own time. We worked on the dance the whole practice yesterday because we have to break everything down,” Sarah Ashcraft (12) said.

The groups will perform the “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” medley at the Academic Letterwinners Banquet on April 11 and at the May concert with these added dance moves.

“I am learning this dance. Sarah choreographed it so there are some couple dances, and I am one of the couples. So far the dance is easy to learn and since I have a dancing background it’s not hard to catch up on it,” Caroline Janiga (11) said.

This is the first choreography that the Counterpoints have had since a dance last year.

“It’s a little bit easier for me to teach because I’m a teacher at Patti’s All-American. I’ve choreographed three other dances for choir before this dance,” Ashcraft said.