Set Yourself Up for a Good Time


Jory Swider(11) sets up for a serve. The girls tennis team won their recent match against Lowell 5-0 varsity and 7-0 JV.

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

Being on the tennis team is not an easy task; the girls work long and hard almost everyday after school for 3 long hours. The team consists 21 girls, JV and Varsity.

“We practice pretty hard. We always do drills and conditioning, but it’s worth it because then you aren’t very tired during your match,” Emily Birlson (10) said.

The matches usually range from 1 to 3 hours, and it’s more interesting than meets the eye. There are 8 matches that go on at one time, and as the first set of their matches end, another group of girls go to play.

“I encourage all my friends to come to my matches. When they comes it makes me nervous though,” Missy Dobos (11) said.

Tennis is nothing like regular sports events, here students can walk around and pick which matches they find to be most interesting since there are so many playing at a time.

“[Tennis] is a lot of fun. I go to a place called Matchpoint in Griffith, a tennis club where you can get private lessons, to work on my skills.” Dobos said.

The girls head to Highland on Friday at 4:30 for their next match.