Swinging in the Rain


Vanessa Olson (12) waits as her competitors set up to serve. Soon after, all players were called off the courts for a delay due to the weather.

Liz Markiewicz and lakecentralnews

Bundling up in layers of sweatshirts, hats and gloves, the girls tennis team faced the frigid sleet in hopes of defeating Highland.

As usual, the matches were announced and the team began to warm up. However, twenty minutes later, everyone was called off the court for a thirty minute delay.

“I was happy because it was really cold and I wanted to wait for better weather conditions to play [Highland],” Vanessa Olson (12) said.

After the half an hour delay was over, the girls headed back on the courts.

“At first, I was mad when they started the match again, and then I was ready for it because I knew how good the person was. I got excited and wanted to get it over with,” Olson said.

Although they were defeated by Highland 2-3, it was the closest score they have had so far this season,