Hansen Shaves Head for Father


Hansen (9) kisses her necklace while getting the back of her head shaved. Hansen and her mother, Kelly, both shaved their heads in order to show their support in their family’s fight against cancer.

Emma Hansen (9) shaved her head to support her father for St. Baldrick’s over Spring Break; she currently is adapting to the big change.

“The first day of school [with a shaved head] was terrifying. I kept my hood up as long as I could before the bell went off. I took my hood off and people kept staring at me. I was like, ‘Oh God, don’t let this happen please.’ Some [people] were really nice about it. They would come up and ask me if it was for St. Baldrick’s and I would say yes. Some people’s responses haven’t been very nice, but I don’t pay attention to those ones. Overall, people have responded well to it. I like it. I don’t look quite too weird with it,” Hansen said.

Prior to shaving her head, one of her biggest fears was the ridicule at school. Because of the mostly positive responses from her peers, Hansen has not worn a wig to school.

“It is definitely weird not having hair. The easiest thing now is getting ready in the morning. I only have to get up ten minutes before the bus because I can throw on pants, a sweatshirt and makeup and then I’m done. I don’t have to do my hair anymore,” Hansen said.

With the help of her friends and peers, Hansen had raised over $1200. At the end of the long process, Hansen regrets nothing.

“The fact that my dad is sick hasn’t changed. I still have that mentality. I still have the nightmares from that. This wasn’t going to make it go away, but it’s helped in a sense that I’m more comfortable now than I was before. The fact that I did this. It’s a totally new feeling,” Hansen said.

Hansen plans on growing her hair out again in order to donate more to Locks of Love.