Summer School Saves Schedules

Jeannine Toth and Jeannine Toth

Due to the new scheduling system, many students are taking summer school courses to make up for the extra class period they expected to have.

“With the Matrix schedule, I lost the room to take Spanish next year, so I enrolled in summer school to keep up with my schedule,” Joseph Pavell (9) said.

Students are able to take both online and in-school summer courses. Students can sign up for summer school classes by going to their RDS account and selecting Request Courses, then Summer and selecting the classes they wish to take.

“I enrolled in online classes because I can do them at home and on my own time, so instead of having a regimented schedule every day for summer, and having to get up early to go to school, I can take my time and work based on my schedule,” Morgan Shoemaker (9) said.

Although some students will have to prioritize their classes, summer school will provide most students with the ability to take all the courses they had initially planned to take. Sign ups for summer school end April 20.

“I am so happy I took a summer school course, but it was online so I could begin working on it during spring break, and I ended up finishing the entire course already, so I still have my summer free, but I have kept up with my intended schedule,” Kayla Radtke (9) said.