Swing Into Second


Cory Dickelman (11) practices his backswing before a real attempt down the fairway. This is Dickelman’s first year on the golf team.

Sydney Thompson and lakecentralnews

On a cold, but sunny Saturday morning, the varsity golf team participated in the annual Palmira Cup at the Palmira Golf Course. They faced both Penn High School and Valparaiso High School.

“I’m usually cold when it’s cold outside because I don’t like to wear layers when I play. Layers restrict me from being able to swing and putt,” Jonathan Gross (12) said.

Eight players from each team were selected to play this day. One player from all three teams were put into groups and walked the 18-hole course.

“I wasn’t nervous about playing either team over the other. I feel that golf is a game you play against yourself. It’s you taking on the golf course itself,” Matthew Meneghetti (11) said.

The golf team ended up taking second at the tournament behind Valparaiso. The next golf match is April 25.