Indians Take Victory Over Oilers


Krystal Rea and lakecentralnews

On Saturday April 27, the boys varsity baseball team took on Whiting and cranked out a 12-0 win.

“It was my first start, so I was sort of nervous, but I’ve been doing pretty well lately, so I was also confident,”pitcher Ryan Polito (11) said.

The team started their domination as early as the first inning and continued their reign throughout the game, scoring an average of two runs an inning.

“I think we played well. We met all the goals that Coach Sandor wanted us to meet and it reflected in the score,” John Milaszewski (11) said.

Today at 4:30, the team will face off at home against Crown Point for a second time this season.

“I think we could beat [Crown Point]. Last time we played them I think we had them, but if we could go deep in the game and compete with them and not make errors I think we have a good chance of winning,” Milaszewski said.