Weather Conditions Affect Track and Field

Rain or shine- the boys track and field team runs in any weather. On Tuesday, April 23, the team had a meet at Merrillville through the wind and rain.

“I run the four-by-four, the four-by-one, and I long jump. [The weather] was terrible; I was freezing. It was the worst experience of my life. I cried,” Alex Tucker (12) said.

Usually, the boys are used to running in the rain during practices and meets, but the cold and wind added an extra element.

“The worst part was stripping down to the uniform and taking off that outer shell [of clothing],” Nathan Bowdish (10) said.

The boys ran despite the slippery track, but the conditions were bad enough to cancel the field events.

“We couldn’t pole vault, so we ended up waiting for the bus for two hours the entire track meet. I took a nap,” Kyle Prisby (12) said.

The boys are preparing for their next meet on Tuesday, April 30, and their first DAC meet is on Wednesday, May 8.