From an Ace on the Field to an Ace on the Court


Danielle Kulina and lakecentralnews

This year the Lake Central Boys tennis team has added a different type of athlete to their team. Junior Alec Pickert and freshman Nicholas Brandner are rookie team members. These two players have exchanged their baseball bats and mitts for tennis rackets.

“I’ve played baseball basically my whole life. I started out with t-ball when I was little,” Pickert (11) said.

Both team members started playing tennis this summer and are already showing great skill and daily improvement.

“My mom went to a meeting during the summer. That’s when I decided to try it. I’ve been playing for two months now. I also play a lot with my dad for hours after practice,” Brandner (9) said.

Though tennis is now an activity that both Pickert and Brandner intend to continue, they still plan on pursuing their lifelong hobby.

“I play second base for the Lake Central baseball team. I also am starting fall ball and  conditioning for Lake Central soon,” Pickert (11) said.