JV Girls Softball Slides into a Win


Morgan Ericksen (9) winds up to pitch to a softball player from Michigan City. The team won with a score of 13-3.

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

On May 1, the girls softball team took on Michigan City and won with a score of 13-3. Though the weather seemed near perfect to anyone laying out or just sitting in the sun, it was not the perfect weather to play softball.

“It was really hot and really windy, and that kind of shifted the ball. We were out of breath and sweating,” Jayna McDermott (9) said.

Being a softball player isn’t easy, and for many it takes a toll on their free time.

“Usually when I don’t have practice or a game I like to go outside and get a girl from the team and just pitch to her” Morgan Ericksen (9) said.

The team practiced hard in order to come out on top for this game.

“Our coach always says ‘Practice how you want to play’ so we practice really hard before games,” Ericksen said.