Students’ Summer Plans

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

Summer is one of the most highly-anticipated times of the year. All year students moan and groan about classes and about how they wish it was summer. Now that summer is really here, students are gushing about all their plans and what they want to do.

“I’m going to go the beach a lot and I’m going to go to my friends lake house and tan. I’m going to go to the fests and hangout with my friends,” Krista Vos (10) said.

Summer is 10 weeks that fly by quickly for students. For some, summer is a time

to get away from the stresses of school and classes, and the pressures of always maintaining good grades. For others, summer is a period of time where they’re very busy trying to keep up with things that they need to do.

“I have a job [this summer] and I have dance practice every day. [I wish I was stress free] because I have so much stress during the school year and I’m also going to have summer reading and stuff for AP English to get done,” Emma Hupp (10) said.

For a few students, school never ends. A week after school ends, summer school begins both online and in an actual classroom. Some students go because they failed a class, and some go because they want to get more credits to graduate early.

“I’ve been taking summer classes since eighth grade. I’m graduating as a junior and this year will be my first year taking the classes online and I think it will be better than actual summer school because I can do it at my own speed, ” Alyssa Alfano (10) said.

Being a student in high school will never be easy. There will always be a stress of some sort going on. Summer gives all students just a few months to get away and have fun.