Last Summer Show in the Old Building

Lake Central Theatre Company puts on their last summer performance, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, in the old auditorium.

The show is about an unemployed, middle-aged man named Mel Edison who suffers a nervous breakdown. The technical elements enhance the show which are designed by technical director, Ray Palasz, English.

“The set is going to be very representational. It is going to have to look like an actual apartment. It is going to be a very complete set,” Palasz said.

The show features unusual effects that will allow the show come to life on stage.

“We have some special effects such as snow and we have to figure a way for water to splash down on the actors twice,” Palasz said.

Premiering the last summer before the destruction of the old building, Palasz is feeling bittersweet.

“I’m kind of looking forward to the fact that this will be the last show I will design in this theater company. I’m looking forward to this being the last show in this theater before we tear it all down,” Palasz said.

The show premieres July 11, 12, 13, and 14.