Spring Sports Banquet Recognizes Season Achievements

Jen Maguire and lakecentralnews

Although students are getting into the swing of summer, athletes of the spring sports teams came back to school with their families to recognize the athletic and academic accomplishments of the members of every team for the June 5 Spring Sports Banquet.

“It’s difficult being a student athlete, so I give the athletes with 4.0 GPAs a lot of credit,” Annabel Karberg (11) said.

Every student called for individual recognition was separated by a single clap by many of the other athletes and some parents. The single clap for each student has become tradition for sports banquets at Lake Central.

“The clap is what the softball team does when the visiting team is being announced, so that is why we do it,” Karberg said.

After awards were given overall and each team was recognized, each team split up into different rooms to talk further about specific accomplishments among each team.

“We talked about our individual accomplishments as a team, and we received our letters and individual awards,” Haley Loden (‘13) said.

Each sports banquet gives coaches a chance to show the pride they have in their athletes, and they also give students the opportunity to show gratitude to their coaches and parents for support throughout their season.